Hi, nice to see you!
Let me show you some picture and tell you a little about myself.

Best love stories

natural couple session on the beach

Nastya & Yu are fresh, young and really fall in love. It was a pleasure witnessing their passionate love. The session was taken in a romantic rock beach Cabo de las Huertas in Alicante-Spain.

Into the woods M+G

I was very lucky taking a picture of this beautiful, emotional couple on autumn walk through the forest.

blogger cooperation


Hi, I am Karolina!

Writing is not my talent, is why I am doing something that I really can – photographing. I am an observer as far as I remember. I love to look at the people walking on the street, breathtaking views and everything that surrounds me. A long time ago I decided that it would be worth to document my observations, so I started photographing. I don’t like falsehoods, I appreciate the naturality, so I always try to show in my photography spontaneity, naturalness and real emotions. I love traveling and adventure. In every journey I meet interesting people, diverse history and new experiences. I’m addicted to good coffee and ice cream. My place on earth is always close to the sea.

If you feel that we can be on the same wavelength, feel free to contact.

I still have a few free dates for 2017.

If I could tell the story in words, I wouldn’t need to lug around a camera.

- Lewis Hine


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